Get started in CBD vaping with the Aspire AVP starter kit


The AVP CBD kit uses ‘auto draw’ technology, that simple works when switched on by inhaling without having to press any buttons.


Especially if you are new to the World of vaping or are looking for something compatible with 50/50 CBD e-liquids, then this is it! The Aspire AVP vape kit is the best choice for vaping CBD juice and it is extremely easy to use. cbd vape kit  

As you can see in the diagram this is a very simple pod system to use, simple press the CBD e-liquid nozzle into the loading system and squeeze the juice in.

Unlike sub-ohm tank systems things can get a bit messy, however with this system once full, you just simply attach the pod system back to the battery unit and then just vape!

The reason for using this kit, is because most CBD juices come in the 50/50 blend and if you used a more powerful sub-ohm kit then you would simply burn the CBD off.

This kit is perfectly balanced for CBD and has several power settings and the choice of upgrading to ceramic or mesh coils for a bit more power if required.

On the vape you get a crips vapour a bit like what you would get when smoking a cigarette making this an even better reason to buy as in confined spaces you want to be discrete and not vaping huge clouds.

Totally recommend this product for beginners and those who want to be discrete on the go.


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