Looking for a good hemp oil for dogs or cats? Then try GOODGROWLIES


5000MG – 50ml – Hemp Extract Made in UK – 100% Natural Hemp Oil for Pets – Omega 3, 6 & 9


So this product is a bit hard to review since I do not own a dog, however I have a friend who has one with pain conditions. The oil itself is a 5000mg variety in a massive 50ml bottle, so lots of value for your money. Not only can hemp oil help humans but in the same way can help your pets and dogs. So, I gave the bottle to my friend who gave it to his pitbull terrier once a day to test it out and he reported that it did seem to ease his dogs pain in joints. He did not fully test the product at a higher dosage as he switched to a salmon oil variety from a different brand. However, the overall findings are that it did help!


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