Plan B CreamBD Hemp Oil Cream by RhinoBrothers


Rhino Brothers are not new kids on the block when it comes to CBD products, they previously had a great selling CBD oil (CleanBD).

Multi-Purpose Healing Formula | On & Underneath Skin Heal Relief – Eczema Psoriasis Irritated Itchy | Natural Hemp Extract Oil Cream | Body Face | Anti Inflammation Aging Wrinkle Acne Spot | Pain


The cream is made from traditional herbs: Casor, Arnica Montana, Lavender, Curry flower, Matricaria, Aloe Barbadensis, Peppermint and of -course hemp extract.

When you get the cream it will say 500mg hemp extract which possibly relates to 500mg cbd extract.

So, what is it used for?

Well, the main uses are for skin relief ranging from eczema, psoriasis and Irritated Itchy skin in general.

What are the results from using this CBD cream?

For me, since I suffer from psoriasis and eczema, this cream worked really well for me. It is a fantastic cream product, I found that it heavily moisturises the skin leaving it feeling great.

The reason why I choose this cream actually was because someone told me about it and I already knew about the brand.

For the psoriasis and eczema, I have been using it for a month and now no longer have any chronic issues apart from the occasional flare up, then I simply just apply some of this cream.

It is a good overall universal cream and due to it antiseptic properties helps a lot for when I am doing physical work or at the gym.

The verdict?

Yes, based on my own experience I definitely recommend this product, especially for eczema, so give it a try!


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