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Caalmyn CBD Hemp Oil Lab Tested 5% 500mg 10ml


Probably the best hemp oil in the UK! When it comes to looking for a hemp oil to buy, Caalmyn ticks all the boxes for buying confidence. – Great mild taste – 3rd party lab tested for a real 500mg 5% hemp oil – Good dosing advice – Effective for conditions supporting accurate hemp extract ingredient – Made in the UK – Made to GMP standards – Clean product without contaminants – Organic ingredients


In this ever confusing CBD hemp market the number of brands popping up everyday are increasing. This means that it can be hard to navigate through all the products and find the ones that actually work.

Caalmyn is a great example of a quality made CBD oil, it has been manufactured to GMP standards here in the UK. Firstly you will have a peace of mind knowing that any product made to GMP standards is the highest quality you can get. On top of that, being manufactured in the UK means that the quality can be effectively overseen on how it is made. This is very important as the manufacturers can then check that final product is clean and contaminant free.

However Caalmyn has gone a step ahead and had their products tested by external test labs to verify the quality and purity of the CBD oil. This is the mark of a company that really cares about its intended users and to set the standards in an industry that is still unregulated.

So how did this CBD oil do? I can report back the this oil definitely works for pain and that is what I tested it for. Being a gym goer who lifts heavy weights can sometimes have a big toll on the body and taking this product just before going for a workout has really helped. I felt more energy during workouts and also post-workout suffered less pain.

To be fair, it has also helped with anxiety, this is something I get before workouts since I know I have got a gruelling workout ahead. Timing a dose 20 minutes before a session really has helped me.

Overall really happy with Caalmyn hemp oil for both pain and anxiety, so will definitely recommend this brand.

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