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Dishonest CBD Company Target Bake Off Host

It looks like Mary Berry, aka queen of cakes, has got herself in the middle of a controversy. The cookery queen’s image was used to promote CBD products by some company without her consent.

Who is Mary Berry?

Mary Berry is a famous personality on TV as she has been the host and judge of Great British Bake Off. 84 years old cooking expert suffered from a polio infection at the age of 13, leaving her left arm and hand a little shaky. She has written 80 plus cooking books, launched a range of sauces and salad dressings. Recently, she has launched two smartphone apps to make her recipes more accessible to everyone.

What is CBD?

CBD or cannabidiol is a therapeutic compound of the cannabis Sativa plant. Researchers have found that this cannabinoid of cannabis has many potent healing benefits due to its anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and anti-anxiety properties. Moreover, unlike THC (a psychoactive compound of cannabis), CBD cannot create euphoria if consumed orally or sublingually. Due to its potential to manage many health conditions, its popularity and demand have skyrocketed in recent years. Therefore, many existing companies and new brands have come to offer a range of CBD products.

Who used Mary Berry’s name for advertisement?

It is believed that the fake ads featuring Mary Berry were posted and shared on Facebook regarding a CBD-infused product called Bionic Bliss. The ads showed that bionic bliss CBD oil could cure almost any health problem. Not only that, but they also claimed that Mary berry would not have been so successful with her weak left arm and hand if she hadn’t used this magical CBD oil.

How Mary Berry reacted?

This urgent statement was posted on her official Facebook in reaction: ” Mary has been appalled to learn of unaffiliated companies using her image to advertise products like CBD oil and face cream online.”

Advising people to stay away from such ads, she further said: “These are not genuine endorsements, and the companies do not have permission to use Mary’s image to sell these products. We would advise people not to click on the links or buy any of these products as it appears they are also overcharging customers by huge amounts”.

She also thanked her supporters, who informed her about these dishonest ads and extended sympathies to people adversely affected by these fake ads.

Meanwhile, she is all set to take legal action against those who used her identity against her will to advertise the products.