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The different types of CBD oil explained

cbd distillate

CBD comes in three main raw concentrate forms, it is important to know the differences and what format is best suited for you.

Full Spectrum CBD Oils

Full spectrum oil are those that contain other cannabinoids found in the hemp plant including THC. These products must abide to the law of having less than 0.02% THC and the benefit of these oils is the entourage effect. This is essentially when the cannabinoids work together in a synergistic effect to produce a more stronger effect.

Broad Spectrum CBD Oils

Broad spectrum products are similar to full spectrum concentrates except they contain no THC. You will also benefit from the entourage effect, except for any effect that would have come from the THC. These oils can especially be usual to those who are allergic to THC or need to do blood tests where THC should not be found.

CBD Isolate Oil

The isolate form, sometimes are labelled are pure or purity is simply CBD isolate mixed into another medium such as hemp seed oil. CBD isolate oil will be very clean as it will have all its terpenes, waxes and other cannabinoids removed. A benefit of this type of oil is that it will not have any hemp extract taste except that from the hemp seed oil if used. A negative point is that it will not benefit from the entourage effect as the other cannabinoids and terpenes will not be present for such interactions.

The Extraction Process Simplified

  1. Raw hemp bio mass if broken down.
  2. (Winterisation) This crude is cleaned with a solvent depending on method: CO2, hydrocarbons or ethanol extraction.
  3. The crude is then processed to remove fibres, fats, waxes and other unrefined particles.
  4. Using an evaporation process the solvent is removed.
  5. using fractional distillation, a cannabinoid concentrate is formed.

Where The Cannabinoid Concentrates Are used?

  1. Vape e-liquids
  2. Cosmetics
  3. Edibles
  4. CBD wax, crumble or shatter
  5. Capsules
  6. Oils

So whatever your needs, now you will be better informed to make the best choice when it comes to the type of CBD oil or product that you need.