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Celebrities That Are Involved and Use CBD

Celebrities Enjoying CBD

In the last few years, Cannabis has taken the world by storm. As once it was a substance deemed dangerous and a gateway into more serious drugs, now has become a safe and fun substance to enjoy or even utilized for health issues. While let’s be real, weed has been used by many, despite its laws against it, now we are finally being given reliable information on its benefits and are even seeing its use against serious illnesses like epilepsy, chronic pain and even cancer.

With all this new information comes the split between the two components of cannabis/hemp, THC and CBD. In short, THC is the compound in cannabis that provides you with a high and makes you want to down a bowl of mac and cheese at 2 am and CBD is the medicinal compound that doesn’t cause any high at all.

CBD is short for Cannabidiol, and Hempika describes it as “chemical compounds, that activate cannabinoid receptors, spread throughout the body of all vertebrates. Cannabinoid receptor activation interacts with neurotransmitters, which has a beneficial effect on our endocannabinoid system.” More simply put, CBD can be found naturally in the body, but if consumed can provide many health benefits with little to no side effects. Making it the more natural choice for many battling health problems.

CBD can be found in various products in the health field, cosmetics industry and food industry all boasting its amazing benefits. However, some of Hollywood’s mightiest names have also been backing up CBD and sharing their favourites with their fans.

Seth Rogen

It should be no surprise that Seth Rogen is on the pro-CBD bandwagon as he is recognized as the funniest silly stoner on the block. However, he has taken it a step further and not only advocates his fans about the benefits of this special flower but has even stood up in front of congress to testify just how beneficial marijuana is in the medical field.

Kim Kardashian

As one of the biggest celebrities in the world, Kim Kardashian sharing her love for CBD is kind of a big deal. She consistently shares her interests with her fans and even had a CBD themed baby shower. With her continuously hectic lifestyle as an influencer, media personality, businesswoman and mother of four, she uses CBD above other medications and claims it to aid in her sleep routine.

Michael J Fox

From the man who gave us Back To The Future and Teenwolf, The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research has been presenting successful research into the benefits of CBD. They have found it to help a great deal in potentially managing symptoms of the disease.

Kristen Bell

Our golden girl Kristen Bell is not shy about sharing her struggle with mental health to her fans and discusses her experiences dealing with anxiety and depression. Along with exercise and therapy, Bell uses CBD every day to aid in her overall wellness.

Along with a handful of other celebrities sharing their beliefs of the benefits of CBD on health, we can take it a step further and boast about the handful of faces who have stepped right into the CBD industry to place their own money where their mouth is.

Whoopi Goldberg

The co-host of The View and Academy Award-winning actress has launched her very own line of CBD products with Maya Elisabeth called Whoopi and Maya. The line has its own CBD tinctures as well as products that aid in women’s monthly cycles.

Willie Nelson

As one of the biggest stoner faces on the planet, it’s another not so surprising celeb who has jumped into the CBD industry. Willies Remedy has been around since 2015 and distributes products like tinctures, balms and even teas and coffees.

Bella Thorne

The young, once Disney actress, has shed her innocent coating and jumped right into the CBD industry full force. She teamed up with Glass House Group to produce a line of CBD products called Forbidden Flower.

Megan Rapinoe

The midfielder of the U.S. Women’s National Team who guided her team to win the Women’s World Cup has been very expressive about all things women, money and now CBD. She joined forces with her twin sister to launch an athlete inspired CBD brand called Mendi. It is utilized to support athletes with a healthier more natural alternative to aid in pain and recovery.

The Future Of CBD

With continuous research into its benefits and more brands jumping on board to aid in the health and wellness needs of many, CBD is going to continue to grow into one of the largest industries in the world. How can we blame them? With links in aiding many of our health concerns, it’s comforting to know there is a natural product that can assist us through our everyday lives. With celebrities boasting about their own benefits of CBD, we can see first hand how beneficial it can truly be for us. Don’t be afraid to jump on board and give it a go!