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Top 10 Highly Search Ranked CBD Oil Companies UK April 2021

Cannabidiol, most commonly known as CBD, is the second most primary ingredient in Cannabis. Though CBD is an important component of medicinal Cannabis, it is obtained directly from the hemp plant, a relative of the marijuana plant.

Unlike THC (another compound of cannabis) CBD does not produce a “high” on its own. CBD has been gaining a lot of attention in the past recent years. In the UK, CBD gained attention like the rest of the world. CBD is legal in the UK, but the CBD oil UK legislation specifies that the substance must follow certain conditions before it can be legally sold for human use.

We have created a list for you that gives you the Top 10 Highly Searched CBD Oil Companies on Google UK in 2021 so let’s get to it.


Boots is the largest pharmacy health and cosmetics retailer in the United Kingdom. With over 2,300 locations ranging from small neighborhood clinics to major destinations, health and beauty shops, their mission is to make their clients look and feel healthier than they ever imagined. Boots UK is part of Walgreens Boots Alliance’s Specialty Pharmacy International Division and is a market leader in pharmacy-led, wellness, and fitness retail.
Their stated goal is to be the first option for pharmacy, fitness, and beauty – caring for individuals, consumers, and communities worldwide.
They sell a wide range of CBD products. From capsules, oils to balms and gels, they have it all. The most popular items that they sell are:

● Healthspan High Strength CBD Oil 192mg – 30 Capsules
● Vitality CBD 30ml Oral Spray 1200MG High Strength CBD Berry Flavour
● Pureis CBD 20mg Capsules 7s
● Fourfivecbd 300mg CBD Balm 45ml
● Boots CBD Muscle Gel
● Ambiance CBD Apothecary Body Butter 300mg Cannabidiol – 200ml
● Fourfivecbd 300mg CBD Muscle Rub 45ml
● Ambiance CBD Lip Balm 50mg
● Pollen No Pressure CBD gummies 30 x 6g Gummies
● Sanctuary Spa Calming CBD Oil 45ml
● Vitality CBD 30ml Oral Spray 1200mg High Strength CBD Natural Flavour

They not only offer many of their products, but the products are also available on their site all the time. After getting sold out, they restock their products in 1-2 weeks. All of their products are authentic.
For further details, visit their website:


Cibdol claims that CBD can revitalize, improve, and promote daily life while assisting people in achieving their health goals. Cibdol aims to inspire and cultivate the balance their consumers deserve with the potential and practicality of their ranges. No matter where they are in life, Cibdol would be there to offer assistance. When it comes to CBD and health, nothing but the highest quality of CBD can do, and that is precisely how Cibdol distinguishes itself from the competition: with exceptional purity, the finest materials, cutting-edge technology, and total clarity.

For years, the Cibdol Lab has been at the forefront of the discovery and manufacturer of the purest CBD. Their laboratory prepares, purifies, and refines gold-grade CBD extract using advanced methods and the industry’s smartest people. They are making CBD available to those that need it by providing excellent product consistency, straightforward and transparent labeling, user-friendly application, and simple-to-use products. If it’s for customers or clinicians, they believe CBD can help them travel openly, remain centered, and support their life lust.

Sean, their chief scientific engineer, found the perfect method for producing CBD oil in a kitchen. Seven years later, their staff is also guided by the same innovation, zeal, and desire. They aim to develop CBD goods that enrich and sustain people’s daily lives, driven by science. They are always looking to the future, looking for results that will help the world around us.

Cibdol believes that accountability is the secret to establishing consumer trust. They use CBD’s inherent ability to flush out impurities and harmful chemicals. As a result, the finest and purest golden oils are made, all of which have been individually reviewed for your complete peace of mind.

Any stage of the production process is subjected to stringent quality controls. They maintain an industry-leading standard of CBD oils, tablets, cosmetics, and more by combining consistency and product protection at all levels. At Cibdol, you, the consumer, are at the heart of everything they do. They don’t only want to fulfill your CBD expectations; they want to surpass them every day for the far future.

Some of their famous products are:

  • CBD Oil 10% (1000mg)
  • CBD Oil 30% (3000mg)
  • CBD Black Cumin Seed Oil 5%
  • CBD Isolate
  • Liposomal CBD Oil 2.5% (250MG)

These products and more are all available at

Royal CBD

Royal CBD claims that consumers should have access to healthy and reliable nutrients for good health and fitness. They fail to sacrifice consistency to get more revenue or popularity. Their slogan is “Don’t go average, go Royal.” Their CBD goods are suited for royalty, as the name suggests. Their policy is to put the consistency of their goods above all else. They strive to make every drop of oil and bite of gummy as healthy and flavorful as possible. They didn’t cut any corners to achieve this target, and they put in a lot of time and effort to make things right.

Royal CBD only uses 100% organic ingredients. Hemp is a bio-accumulator, which means it absorbs and accumulates elements from the soil, both healthy and harmful. This is why they use only organic hemp from farmers that regularly monitor the soil and air quality. They extract with care and make their products using supercritical (solventless) CO2 extraction because it is safer, more effective, and prevents the use of harsh chemical solvents.

According to research, full-spectrum cannabis products can help consumers optimize the benefits of CBD by using a phenomenon known as the entourage effect. To capitalize on this natural occurrence, their products contain a mixture of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other phytochemicals. Third-party testing has been performed on the items. Before you put your order, you should still know exactly what you’re getting. All of their CBD products are checked in a third-party laboratory to determine cannabinoid content, terpene ratios, and the presence of solvents, mycotoxins, contaminants, and heavy metals. Customer retention is a top priority.

Some of their famous products are:

● Full Spectrum CBD Oil 2500mg
● CBD Gummies 25mg
● CBD Capsules 25mg (Softgels)
● CBD Vape Pen 300 mg
● CBD Cream (Cool Relief Balm)
● CBD Roll-on Gel (Icy Menthol)
● CBD Dog Treats
● CBD Honey Sticks
● Full Spectrum CBD Pet Oil (Bacon Flavor)

Their products can be found at


CBD Guru was created in 2016 when owner Neil was looking for CBD drugs that could better benefit a close friend who had been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. He explored several other brands, but given the prices that the average person on a weekly salary would fail to keep up with, he wanted to dig further and produce his products.

He started the company two years ago and is now collaborating with a devoted team, including their in-house pharmacist, and carefully chosen hemp farmers from leading US farms to supply their GMP manufacturing facility in the USA heartlands to manufacture the best quality CBD products. Their innovative methodology ensures that they can map CBD back to the field it was grown in and exactly where the CBD seeds used, came from. This level of traceability is important for determining the consistency of their CBD goods.

When CBD oils are manufactured in the UK, they are tested to ensure that they satisfy regulatory specifications. Their cutting-edge analytical equipment analyse each sample to ensure it is THC-free, and all CBD Guru products come with certificates of analysis to validate the legality of the products. More significantly, the substance includes exactly as is stated on the packaging. Unfortunately, the market is rife with people looking to make a fast buck by duping people with goods that contain very little or no CBD.

CBD Guru’s goal is to collaborate with people who are as committed as they are about providing the best quality goods at an affordable price, as well as unrivaled customer support. Every day, they will work hard to make this a reality and to create a brand that represents consistency and confidence.

Some of their famous products are:

● CBD Oil 20% (2000mg) 10ml
● CBD Gummies 20mg
● Blue Ice CBD Vape 30ml by Herbal Health
● 25mg CBD Capsules (30 caps)
● CBD Isolate – 2g
● CBD Face Cream 100mg – 50ml
● CBD Massage Oil UK – 100ml

The above products are available at

Ice Head Shop

ICE Headshop is the UK’s largest CBD retailer and a one-stop shop for all of their customers’ high-quality products and accessories. Their leadership has been in the industry for over ten years and has all of the skills, insight, and resources that consumers need. They are genuinely excited about CBD, liquids, cannabis seeds, and other cannabis-related goods, and they are trusted, and continually upgrading their stock to offer consumers the latest quality products. Customers must be at least 18 years old to purchase their items. It is also critical for them that their goods are fully legitimate and do not violate the 2016 NPS bill.

At ICE Headshop, they emphasize the customer experience, from visiting the website to the order arriving at the counter. They enjoy what they do and appreciate anyone who chooses them, which is why they reward consumers with their ICE Points system, which allows you to get money off the next order.

They ensure they are packed with a wide range of energy powders, tablets, and CBD herbal incense – they even get involved and test new items so are on hand to assist you with any questions. They are regarded as one of the best places to purchase lifestyle products online, and they ensure they are stocked with a huge range of products. Customers who buy by 3:45 p.m will choose to have their order delivered the next day (UK time and delivery only).

Some of their products include:

All products are available at

CBD Armour

CBD Armour is the place where buyers can buy the finest CBD oil goods on the market. They are industry leaders in the design and manufacture of CBD oil products. CBD Armour is the UK’s leading CBD oil company and the first CBD oil specialist to have a wide selection of the finest and purest CBD oil available.

CBD Armour materials are of the utmost quality, and each CBD oil stock is double-checked to ensure it meets the highest level of requirements set by their in-house scientists. They are concerned with the health of their CBD Armour families and make certain that all of their items are organic and herbal. In all of their CBD oil products, they do not use any preservatives, flavors, additives, or alcohol. They will be updating and launching new and creative CBD oil goods on a regular basis, keeping the customer’s wellbeing and budget in mind.

They collaborate with the best CBD oil experts to provide consumers with the highest quality products that they deserve. Their product creation team uses all consumer reviews to make quality CBD oil products. Their primary goal is to create a society in which people will be safe and comfortable. Their goal is to cure people the way nature intends, to offer organic and natural goods, and to encourage people to remain healthy with their number one product line. They have high-quality CBD goods enriched with CBD extracts derived from high-quality hemp plant oil. Organic CBD oil, CBD soap, CBD skin balm, and CBD ultimate hair oils are among the products available (one to nourish and rejuvenate the hair, the other for anti-dandruff ).

Their products are top-notch and some of the famous products are:

● CBD Oil 10% -1000mg
● Cool Fresh Broad Spectrum CBD Oil drops 10% 1000-3000mg
● CBD oil 30% – RAW ORIGINAL 3000mg
● Ultimate Hair Oil – Nourish & Rejuvenate
● Ultimate Hair Oil – Anti Dandruff Oil
● 15% CBD Soap
● CBD Capsules Broad Spectrum 25mg -750mg
● Vegan Protein Powder / Hemp Protein Powder

Available on

Royal Queen Seeds

The key goal and vision of Royal Queen Seeds are that they enjoy expressing their enthusiasm for cannabis with enthusiastic growers. Their mission is to have the best genetics possible. They also help any grower. Their mantra is simple: If you have a passion for genetics, you will develop high-quality genetics. They believe in cannabis and its promise and want to educate growers and customers about this powerful herb.

They do this by breeding and looking for the right genetics to please all kinds of cannabis users, as well as by sharing growing knowledge, debunking misconceptions, and staying up to date with the latest studies and trends. They also work to build and support a culture of farmers and cannabis enthusiasts, and they devote time and money to help the cannabis industry flourish.

RQS strives to have only the right genetics when catering to all types of growers. Many of their seeds are hand-picked from organic plants and genetically checked. In addition, they monitor their seeds on a regular basis to ensure industry-leading germination efficiency. They have the purest CBD goods on the market and collaborate with organic and renewable farmers. They never quit developing at Royal Queen Seeds.

As pioneers in the medical and recreational cannabis industries, they have the resources and the capacity to reimagine the future of cannabis breeding. And, through ingenuity and imagination, they are making a meaningful impact in the cannabis culture around the world. They strive for more robust and pure genetics, which would help both cannabis cultivars and users. They are as enthusiastic about the world’s green future as each and every one of their beloved customers. They have a huge commitment to the world as cannabis production masters, which is why they advocate organic and sustainable growing practices. They use organic hemp sources for their CBD goods, and they agree that sunlight is the strongest and the most natural light source for growers.

Some of their famous products include:

● CBD Oil 15%
● CBD Hemp Oil 20%
● 5% CBN & 2.5% CBD Oil
● CBD Oil Softgel Capsules 10%

Available on

Vitality CBD

Vitality CBD has built a large community of CBD users through their deep experience and dedication to the industry. With this mentality, they are committed to delivering only the right CBD goods for their consumers, who can not only enjoy but also trust. After their inception in the United Kingdom in 2018, they have extended their product line to include a variety of daily health options with the use of CBD creativity. Their dedication and excitement for the products only grow, and they are honored to be named the UK’s leading CBD brand in 2019.

Following the introduction of their Well-Being line of luxury CBD items, they launched the Active range, a bespoke set of CBD oils, and the CBD Muscle Balm, which helps those with safe, active lifestyles perfect for their exercise routines. Their most recent CBD Infused Cosmetics line seeks to rethink traditional skincare rituals by allowing people to target and recharge their skin issues with natural processes that their bodies can enjoy. They have made a concerted effort to ensure that all of their offerings, from CBD oils to CBD topicals, CBD e-liquids to CBD edibles, are organically sourced and contain THC-free high-quality hemp extract.

Consumer loyalty is one of the company’s key principles, but they have taken every effort to be consistent and provide absolute traceability on their goods. As a company, they place a high priority on their customers’ protection and take precautions such as third-party monitoring on each and every one of their CBD goods to ensure optimal consistency and satisfaction.

Some of their famous products include:

● CBD Oral Drops 30ml Berry Flavour
● CBD Oral Spray 30ml Lemon Flavour
● Active: CBD Boost Drops 30ml Orange Flavour
● CBD Immunity Support Oral Drops/Spray 1200mg in 30ml
● CBD Calm Support Oral Drops/Spray 1200mg in 30ml Spiced Citrus Flavour

All of the products are available at


CBD Oil UK is the largest provider of full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD concentrate oils, vape e-liquids, tinctures, and other CBD products in the country. They have a diverse variety of high-quality CBD items for consumers to choose from as the UK’s most trusted CBD store. Use the navigation links below to browse their selection of CBD tinctures, CBD e-liquids, CBD edibles, and other items, and take advantage of free UK shipping on orders of £25 or more.

Their product line includes the world’s best CBD brands, such as Aztec CBD, Somnio, Virtue, and others. They are all here to have the hands-on, competent service you need, with 24/7 customer service and same-day dispatch on all orders made by 3 p.m. or earlier. Aside from fast, friendly service, they take pride in providing the best prices in the UK for high-quality CBD goods.

All of their CBD goods are routinely reviewed against the highest quality laboratory specifications, ensuring that they only deliver the highest performance CBD. They already have a thorough knowledge of how CBD is manufactured, allowing them to selectively choose only the right items for consumers to purchase. Browse their articles for up-to-date product information & research before you buy CBD to ensure you are buying the best CBD products for your needs.

Some of their famous products include:

● Peppermint CBD Oil 10ml By Evolved CBD Oral Drop Series
● Cannabis CBD Oil Drops 10ml By Cannabidiol
● CBD Hemp MCT Oil Tincture 1500 Series 30ml By CBDfx
● CBD Lychee Lemon Kiwi MCT Oil Tincture 30ml By CBDfx
● Food Supplement Classic Oil 500mg 12ml By Cannabigold Terpenes
● Grapefruit CBD Tincture 30ml Nirvana Natural Relaxation By Nirvana

All products available on


‘Doing, Good Feels Super’ is more than just a mission slogan at Superdrug; it is the fundamental philosophy that drives what they do and who they are. They understand the influence they have to have a real effect on the planet and those around them as business leaders in the Health and Beauty industry. They are proud to have a robust O+O (Online and Offline) plan committed to making the future a better place.

Doing good does not only FEEL super; it IS super, and Superdrug is proud to give That Superdrug Feeling to everyone, and they thank their consumers for their assistance in making this a reality. They are proud to present to the customers the ongoing implementation of their corporate social responsibility plans.

Some of their products available on the website are:

● Flexiseq CBD Oil 600mg
● Be You Berry CBD Oral Spray with MCT Oil 600mg 30ml
● Be You Lemon CBD Oral Spray with MCT Oil 600mg 30ml
● Sanctuary Spa Wellness Calming CBD Oil 45ml
● Be You Lemon CBD Oral Drops, 600mg 30ml

All Products available on

Wrap up

So those were the top 10 most searched CBD Oil companies in the UK. The results of these searches are ever-changing with time because of the competition and the release of new products every day. We will get back to you about more search ranks of CBD Oil companies later in the year, informing you of the demand of which CBD company is going on the highest ranks.