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Best CBD Oils to Buy In The UK – A Buyer’s Guide

The UK CBD market has grown exponentially in the last few years.

But being an under-regulated industry, there’s a disturbing lot of fake CBD oils and related products circulating the market. Given this, navigating through the truckloads of options for the best CBD oils to buy can be overwhelming – particularly for first-timers.

If you can relate, hold on.

Hopefully, this buyer’s guide will help you make a well-informed decision on your next CBD oil purchase. It offers expert tips on the best CBD oils to buy in the UK and unveils five of our favourite CBD oils in the UK market.

Best CBD Oils to Buy in the UK – Buyers’ Guide

If you ever feel stuck on the exhaustive list of CBD products on the market, these tips will help you select the best-quality CBD-based products on the market.

Here’s what you should know:

  • Product taste tells quality

CBD oil is commonly referenced in the CBD community – particularly the full-spectrum (whole-plant) variant and pure CBD (otherwise called CBD isolate) products which have a less unpleasant. Many products offer a range of flavours – from vanilla to peppermint options, to conceal the natural, earthy taste.

So, before you buy, see what the brand has to offer and find out which cuts it most for your taste buds.

  • Check usage instruction on the product label

A reputable brand with quality products knows better to provide comprehensive, easy-to-follow usage and dosage recommendations on the product label. The dosage instructions should be clear enough for users to administer.

To ensure this, the new rule (which takes effect from April 1st, 2021) requires proper labelling for all CBD brands. Thenceforth, brands will (on their product labels) state categorically, dosage, ingredients, and their concentration and company information. The Novel Food Act, overlooked by the FSA, will ensure that all UK brands will be compliant with the new regulations and enforced by local council officers.

Ask for a Certificate of Analysis(COA)

Since the UK CBD market remains widely unregulated, a certificate of analysis helps confirm CBD products’ authenticity.

CBD manufacturers are expected to send their end products to certified third-party laboratories to investigate the product’s content.

The test offers a comprehensive breakdown per batch of their products’ content. This promotes transparency.

For instance, many unsuspecting CBD users end up with acclaimed CBD isolate products with a high concentration of other compounds, including THC. This isn’t possible if you look out for the product’s third-party lab to test result.

Every reputable CBD company prides in their COA and commonly flaunt it on their products or website.

If not found, it’s okay to request it before you make any purchase. Don’t settle for anything other than a COA. If not available, check the next product.

Check Buy Reviews

If product descriptions and adverts are anything to go by, all products on the market will come off as premium quality.

When scouting, do not trust what labels and adverts say.

Before you invest in any product, dig up buyers’ and experts’ opinions about the item. Social media platforms like Facebook and Reddit are good places to look for buyers’ thoughts about a product. However, you may need your ‘third eye’ since fake reviews are an increasingly common thing.

Prefer UK-Regulated Hemp Products

The source of your CBD oil matters a great lot. Typically, hemp can easily pick up metals, toxins, minerals, and other harmful compounds from their grow soil and atmosphere.

Some hemp farmers use dangerous pest control measures, which leave the end product unsafe for human consumption.

CBD oil sourced from such contaminated herbs may cause several degrees of complications.

UK-regulated hemp products are your best bet. Home Office regulates these products to ensure only consumer-friendly hemp plants are grown across the UK.

Confirm the Extraction Method

Besides the toxins hemp traps from contaminated grow soil and the environment, some extraction methods are, in themselves, toxic.

Note – carbon dioxide is the most preferred CBD extraction method in the UK. Though relatively expensive, this extraction technique leaves you with pure CBD oil, reducing the chances of unnecessary additives which may compromise users’ health.

Sadly, some low-standard companies use butane and hydrocarbon for extraction – Instead of the industry-preferred ethanol – To cut costs. They may also employ certain ‘short cuts’ which leave your CBD oil with unsafe properties.

See if They Provide Customer Support

Finding a company’s contacts, including emails, phone contact, and whatnot on their website, may suggest a brand’s commitment to buyers’ complaints and inquiries.

To be double sure, before your purchase, you may want to contact them and ask some questions to test-run their responsiveness and overall customer support.

Check Online Prices To Compare Similar Offerings

Some CBD oils come with exorbitant price tags. Before you invest in any, compare the prices of their matching alternatives.

However, remember CBD isn’t cheap – the processes from cultivation to the final extraction can be a lot demanding – time, resources, and otherwise. So while you may check for more affordable offers, if you find them unbelievably cheap, that’s most likely a knockoff.

Best CBD Oils to Buy in The UK – Product Review

After several research hours, we chiefly influenced personal experience, user reviews, and expert opinions – we found some products you can never go wrong with. Among the lot we saw, here are our favorite best 5 CBD oils you may consider.


With the huge number of CBD companies on the market, you may not want to trial and experiment with them all and that is why we are listing RUDERALEX® as the gold standard when it comes to CBD oils.

This company has the backing of one of the biggest cannabis farming families in Europe that has over 25 years experience in organic cultivating.

The ingredients are the finest on the market as their growing methods have been organically certified by Bio Suisse.

Fully backed by the best growers, certified ingredients, the best CBD hemp extract and lab testing for quality, you just cannot go wrong with these products.

Click here to buy the gold standards CBD products!

Blessed CBD oil

 If you’re starting your CBD journey, Blessed CBD oil is considered suitable, particularly for first-timers.

The UK-based family-run CBD company boasts quality which they claim to achieve with about 18 months of fine-tuning to obtain their final products.

They offer full-spectrum CBD oil derived from organic non-GMO hemp and exclusively sold in the UK.


Hempura earned widespread traction across the UK CBD market with its attractive packaging and wide-ranged products.

Whichever way you prefer to dose CBD, this brand [most likely] has something for you.

But for CBD oil, they offer between 250mg and 1000mg dropper, which looks decent. Interestingly, the brand uses only EU-sourced hemp products.

Hempura CBD oil may not offer the highest potency there is, their product’s top quality and the consistency makes them stand out.

Jacob Hooy CBD oil

Jacob Hooy also offers you an affordable route to beginning your CBD journey.

The vegan/vegetarian formula comes with but 3% CBD concentration. of course, this places it somewhere down the list of high-potent CBD products.

However, do not expect any pleasant taste from this product.  In fact, you may have your favourite beverage handy to wash off the unpleasant soured aftertaste quickly.

 Orange County CBD

Although relatively new, lately, Orange County has gained a good reputation in the CBD community.

The brand boasts some of the best CBD products across the UK with its range of full-spectrum oil sections and flavourful broad-spectrum options.

Thoughtfully, the brand seems to have something for all its user classes – whether newbies or the experienced. Orange County features an exclusive spray or pipette applicator, which makes their products even more outstanding.

What Are The Benefits of CBD Oil?

While more research may be needed to validate existing evidence, the results so far [ from ongoing research and anecdotal results] shows CBD may help manage certain conditions, including:

Note that while UK FSA is yet to recognize CBD as a treatment alternative for many of these conditions, Epidyolex and Sativex are two CBD-themed drugs approved for epilepsy and Multiple Sclerosis(MS), respectively.

Wrap – Best CBD Oils to Buy in the UK

Summarily, here are some critical questions to answer before you use or even pay for any CBD oil product:

  • For the highest quality products, is it organic?
  • Is the price point to low for the amount of CBD claimed?  This can be an indicator for fake products.
  • What is the extraction method used?
  • Is the product format suitable for your requiremenst, e.g sprays great for on the go?
  • What’s the THC percentage of the product?
  • Will the ingredients such as THC be an issue due to your occupation?
  • Do the ingredient claim match with the Certificate of Analysis?
  • Does the company provide easy to access customer service?

As mentioned, there is no one best CBD product on the market. You should instead be all about top quality. Hopefully, our buyers guide and best CBD oil to buy product recommendations should come in real handy to help make your purchase worthwhile.